This all started with a little boy who loved walking by stores, re-arranging items, & getting completely lost in his passion for clothes. He grew up determined to make it come true!  21 years later (2003), the brand was founded by the little boy whose name is Ramy Naga.

His vision was of providing the Egyptian market with an international fashion taste manufactured by international standards in fabric selection, design, finishing, distribution, and total customer experience.

NAGA HOMME has over 26 stores and continues to expand with 50,000 regular customers, and over 200employees.We are privileged to connect with Egypt as a whole with exceptional products.

NAGA HOMME company is a subsidiary of Samir Naga Group companies which specializes in the textile & ready-made garments manufacturing sector since early 1930’s.

Our mission: “Our Mission is to deliver the best customer experience to our current and potential customers through providing a vast range of products

with the finest quality, latest fashion, and great customer service in order to guarantee an enjoyable shopping experience.”


Total stores: 26


  • Dandy Mall: Cairo-Alex Desert Road, Unit No, 2. Tell02-35391869 Mob:01091108015
  • Mall of Arabia: 6 October City Tell02-35391869 Mob:01012231992
  • Mall of Egypt: Al Wahat Rd., 6 October Tell02-36121112 Mob:01097355050
  • Mohandesen: 42 Lebanon Str.Tell02-33453346 Mob:0197914522
  • Zamalek: 14 El Gezirah Str., kasr El Nil.Tell:02-27356650 Mob:01021561155
  • Dokki: 41 Babel Str., In front of Nady El Seid.Tell:02-37609661 Mob:01000650838
  • SalahSalem: 8 Salah Salem Street.Tell02-24019692 Mob:01091108143
  • CityStarsMall: Heliopolis ,3rd floor Unit No.352 Tell:02-24193540 Mob:01091107970
  • El Korba: C9 Baghdad Str., El Korba Heliopolis. Tell:02-24193540 Mob:01066522125
  • Cairo Festival City: Fifth District Tell 01017671677
  • Arkadia Mall:Unite B61,First Floor Tell 01022525607
  • Al Haram : 83AlHaramstr.GizaTell 01022834022
  • Talat Harb:19 Talaat harb str.Tell 01013744122
  • Beverley Hills:west square behind carrfour beverley hills mall Tell01003036648
  • Almaza:city center Almaza thawra st,Suez canal Road Tell 01068125517


  • City Center Mall:Unit No.C37 Tell 01099912540
  • Smouha: Mosheer Mohamed Ali Str.Tell 01022481882
  • Roushdy: 17 Syria Str. Tell 01066673598
  • KafrAbdu: 21 Saint-Geny Street.Tell01099912541
  • Loran: 29 Shaarawy Street.Tell01021063061
  • Onlinestore:WWW.NAGAHOMME.COM Tell:01062555353


  • EmaarDeltaMall: Moheb Street.
  • Mall Tanta:Mansheyat ALawkaf ,tanta,Gharbeia



6October City:second industrial zone,81str.

Alex.Sporting:211 port said str.

Mazar:16th district Alsheikh zayed ,Mazar Mall gate NO.2


NAGA HOMME operates under a set of Core Values:


  •  Dedication to quality
  •  Commitment to customer satisfaction
  •  Focus on international fashion
  •  Employee satisfaction
  •  Reasonable/affordable prices


NAGA HOMME started with a men’s department, hence “Homme”, it then made a new kid’s department “Naga Enfant”.


Naga Homme & NagaEnfant offer a range of exceptional products:


  • Men’s(All products come in all sizes and ample colors and designs)
  • Vests: come in both designs Basic & Fashionable
  • T-Shirts: Plain and Designed, half & long sleeved.
  • Sweatshirts: With & without hoodies
  • Suits: Many styles
  • Shorts: Casual & Sporty
  • Shirts: Formal & Semi-formal
  • Pull-overs: Basic & Designed
  • Polo Shirts: All kinds (Classic, Casual, Plain, Designed)
  • Pants: Casual & Classic
  • Jackets: Casual & Classic
  • Swim-Wear
  • Coats
  • Home-Wear: Trunk, Slip, Pajamas (Long & Half Sleeved), Boxers, Robes & Under-shirts.
  • Accessories: Wallets, Ties, Papillon, Cufflink, Belts & Sock
  • Kid’s (All products come in all sizes and ample colors and designs)


  • Vests: come in both designs Basic & Fashionable
  • T-Shirts: Plain and Designed, half & long sleeved.
  • Sweatshirts: With & without hoodies
  • Tank Tops
  • Sports-Wear: (Shorts and Trainings)
  • Shorts: Casual& Sporty
  • Shirts: Formal & Semi-formal, half & long sleeved.
  • Pull-overs: Basic & Designed
  • Polo Shirts: All kinds (Classic, Casual, Plain, Designed)
  • Pants: Casual & Classic
  • Jackets: Casual & Classic
  • Salopettes
  • Parka
  • Pant court
  • Home-Wear: Undershirts, Pajamas & Boxers
  • Accessories: Scarves, Ties, Icecap, Caps, Belts & Socks 



  • T-Shirts: Plain and Designed, half & long sleeved
  • Polo Shirts: All kinds (Classic, Casual, Plain, Designed)
  • Blouses
  • Pull-overs: Basic & Designed
  • Pants: Casual & Classic
  • Pant court
  • Shorts: Casual
  • Salopettes
  • Skirts
  • Dresses
  • Sets